10 AI Trends You Need To Know In 2020

“The incentives only get bigger for those looking to roll out AI-powered innovation into new areas of industry, fields of science, and our day-to-day lives. Here are the 10 trends you need to know about Artificial Intelligence and how AI will impact every aspect of our lives and businesses in the coming decade.”

Author: Peter Yang |  January 15, 2020

Awakening vector 10 ai trends you need to know in 2020

  1. Manufacturing: Automatic Business Process

Robotic process automation powered by AI will free human labour from previous manual tasks, leaving humans with more sophisticated strategic and creative tasks

  1. Retail: AI Knows You Better Than You Do

Your online shopping experience will become highly personalized because AI knows more about your tastes, preferences than you. With real-time projection widely adopted in 2020, you will click “order now” faster.

  1. Simulation-Driven Mechanisms

Accurate information can be collected by computers to train artificial intelligence. This will save the risky real-world testing process.

  1. Cheaper Cheaper Cheaper

Expect the cost of both hardware and software to decrease as AI tools become more adaptive and accessible. AI will be more generously applied in vehicles, households and workplaces through smart devices.

  1. Employers: Invest in Training Before It’s Too Late

It is time to invest in learning new skills related to AI powered robotics and software. By 2025, 75% employers will invest in training their employees to work with AI tools.

  1. Entertainment: Content Is Still the King

Consumers want even more and better-quality creative content. AI will assist artists in creating visual effect, writing music and storytelling.

  1. Gaming: AI Is Playing You

The gaming industry expects AI to continue to serve as human-like opponents and more realistic visual simulations in the elevated gaming experience.


  1. Cybersecurity: Flag and Action

By spotting patterns of giveaway signs sent in digital activities and transactions, AI will alert human and take actions before sensitive data gets damaged.

  1. Before You Even Know It

2020 will be the first decade where people interact with robots without realizing it. You probably won’t even realize that you are interacting with AI, for example, while chatting with a “customer service representative”.

  1. Sustainable AI

Unlike crypto mining, energy usage in AI powered software and robots is expected to be sustainable. New materials such as transition-metal oxides, new chip designs and new software will ensure AI being adopted with lower carbon footprint.

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We offer industry leading image annotation service at low cost, high efficiency, and short feedback loop so you get the images you need on time for your world changing applications.


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We offer industry leading image annotation service at low cost, high efficiency, and short feedback loop so you get the images you need on time for your world changing applications.

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