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We offer industry leading data annotation service at low cost and high efficiency, so you get the data you need on time for your world changing applications.


Our best-in-class quality assurance system guarantees accuracy rate of over 97% through on-going annotator training sessions and multiple-layered results auditing system.


It is our mission to provide our client with the most competitive price! Our price advantage is a result of our on-going annotator training sessions and operational efficiency.


Each client is assigned a project manager that provides on-going client support. All you need to do is sharing data and labeling requirements then leave the rest to our project managers.


Our 200+ in-house annotators and 10,000+ annotators community can generate millions of annotations within days. Our project manager will help you to manage the entire annotation process.

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Semantic segmentation can be really ideal if you don’t have copious amounts of source data. While more well-labeled data is always a good thing, if you have a limited amount for your project, you can get more actionable information for your models from every single image.


Unlike bounding boxes which can capture a lot of white space and additional noise, leading to confusion in vision models, polygons are far more precise. You’ll often see them used for everything from aerial imagery to medical research. 


Bounding boxes are a simple way to capture certain objects in images and are most commonly used in autonomous driving related applications. Depending on your quantity and quality of data, sometimes, a model can learn to identify the objects you need just by training with bounding boxes. Our 2D and 3D bounding box annotation tool allows efficient labeling in large volume.

Polygon Annotation

Draw contours around recognition targets and output a series of coordinates for each of the polygon


Provides full category breakdown of every image, a common first step for all sorts of computer vision projects

Semantic Segmentation

Labeling every part of an image so that every pixel is accounted for, the output here encodes ontology categories into an R,G,B pixel

Bounding Box

Draw bounding boxes around recognition targets and output coordinate of the box

Landmark Annotation

Place dots at required places and output coordinate for each dot​

Line Annotation

Draw lines at required places and output a series of coordinates for each line


Mainly used in civil and commercial  monitoring systems

Mainly used in medical image diagnostics and new drug development

Mainly used in agricultural robots, crop and soil monitoring and predictive analytics

Mainly used in development of vision based environment detection systems 

Mainly used in robot arm guidance (e.g. bin picking and automatic sorting or grabbing)

Mainly used in unmanned supermarket systems and Ecommerce intelligent search

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We offer industry leading image annotation service at low cost, high efficiency, and short feedback loop so you get the images you need on time for your world changing applications.

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